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          David Ojok
Co-founder @ OJANNA


I'm thrilled to welcome you to our page!

At OJANNA FOODS we do Agribusiness! Dealing in Grains, Sunflower Oil, Onions.

As Climate Entrepreneurs, we process innovative food products like Precooked Solar Dehydrated Beans (PSDB) where we integrate Solar Energy in 

the dehydration process of the precooked beans.

In Sub Saharan Africa Firewood/Charcoal in mostly used as a cheap/cost effective source of energy to boil dried beans for at least 2 -3 Hours

before they get ready for frying!

With PSBD, we have done the "Boiling" for you! You're only required to do the frying, which should take only 30 Minutes of your Time.

As a cheap source of bountiful protein, they are highly and regularly consumed in Sub-Saharan African households and boarding schools.

Therefore, with poor cooking technologies, beans preparation pose a great Environmental/Health/Economic risks which are being addressed by...


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My Story

My journey was sparked by Junior Achievement (JA) when I was a first year student at Uganda Martyrs Namugongo Secondary School, during my participation in a challenge to recycle plastic bags by making strands, to which I was first runner up!

At my A-level in Arusha Science I got so engaged in laboratory producing Biodiesel and again caught up with Junior Achievement (JA) and was awarded Best Facilitator 2022 in Lagos.

This is when my eyes started to see that being a climate entrepreneur is the way to go, so as to save the world from drowning under water, "I'm Scared".

To begin with, "A problem well known is half the solution", I enrolled for Bachelor of Applied Science in Petroleum Chemistry at the University of Dar-Es-Salaam, so as to learn and find a smooth gradual transition from Fossil Fuel.

At the same time I also embarked on a very notorious crop when it comes to Energy and Time consumption.

It's "Beans" the most consumed variety of pulse in Sub Saharan Africa. It's clear that it's cultivation is also contributing substantially to massive deforestation in terms of energy requirements (Firewood/Charcoal) to boil  


Please keep in touch to share opportunities and make the world a better place.

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